Living with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) means learning the additional obstacles which come with each stage of life and how to successfully manage them your way.

It is about navigating through an unknown path and trusting the journey while it unfolds in front of you. It is about finding positive and gratitude, in each and every day, even the tough ones. It is about being proud of who you are, what you have been through, and the ability to inspire others with your journey.

Telling your story is not only therapeutic and beneficial to you, but it can also provide purpose to your life. Each story told is another opportunity to help someone along their journey with Congenital Heart Disease. You never know to what extent you will touch the lives of others by sharing your story and getting involved with Imperfectly Perfect.

Please follow the following guidelines when writing your story
**To Parents: if you are submitting a story on behalf of your child with CHD, please write the story from your perspective so that you can help other parents! Paragraphs 1 & 2, are based on your child’s information.  Paragraphs 3 & 4 are your thoughts.

1st Paragraph: Intro! Your name, your age, which CHD you were born with.

2nd Paragraph: Living with CHD! What have you been through? Have you had surgeries? (if so, where? which doctor?) Are you on medication? Do you have any restrictions?

3rd Paragraph: What positives has living with CHD taught you?
(ex: Founder Jaime Lynn, thanks CHD for teaching her about her personal strength, the importance of family & friends & living each day to the fullest

4th Paragraph: THIS IS YOUR VOICE!! What do you want people to know about your journey? What is your advice to someone going through the journey of CHD? Why did you share your story?

Please send us a HORIZONTAL picture along with your story, with a sign that says “I am Imperfectly Perfect” (below link) – you can email everything directly to

Imperfectly Perfect provides those with Congenital Heart Disease the platform to share their story! This allows you to reflect and document your own personal strength, inspire those around you and give hope to other CHD survivors.

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