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Imperfectly Perfect offers memberships to those who want to help us continue our mission on a monthly basis.


Each month you will receive success stories of children & young adults that Imperfectly Perfect has helped, you will receive news and updates on events & stay up to date with all things Imperfectly Perfect!

Memberships can be paid in full, $120 for the year….or paid monthly on a reoccurring payment, $10 per month.

The only reason we are able to continue our mission, is due to the generosity of our supporters.


We hope you understand how appreciative we are of your support.


Your Monthly Membership Will Help Us...


> Align with pediatric cardiology units
> Present & implement programs in schools
> Financially help those affected by Congenital Heart Disease
> Provide Educational Seminars
> Host Empowerment Campaigns
> Plan retreats for children, adolescents and adults with Congenital Heart Disease
> Launch different fundraisers, events, and programs
> Cover operational expenses
> Promote Hado Bear

one time $120.00 payment

$10.00 Recurring Monthly Payments