Our Journey

Since Imperfectly Perfect was founded in 2011, we have been able to grow and make progress each year. This growth is only due to our supporters. We hope as you read the timeline of our journey, you feel proud of yourself for being a part of something that is greater than any one individual by ourselves. Imperfectly Perfect is a group collaboration, with the vision to bring change and love to this world. We are so eternally grateful for all of our supporters, each vendor that has helped us through the years, and anyone who shares our vision.

August 2011: The organization was incorporated.

March 2012: Imperfectly Perfect’s first fundraiser to launch the organization in addition to raising money for a Long Island single mom, who was a retired from the United States Military and suffered from a rare blood disorder. Proceeds went towards keeping her and her child in their house by paying off different bills such as rent, electric and heat.

September 2012: Imperfectly Perfect collaborated with the Special Olympics in Suffolk, New York.

October 2013: Helping the Homeless was created and implemented, which is an annual program that helps clothe and feed the homeless in New York City.

February 2014: THIS program, Together Helping Build Self Esteem, was launched which is a visual campaign that centers around individuals who have been through life altering experiences taking a stand to inspire others through their journey.

September 2014: Imperfectly Perfect receives their 501c3 tax status.

January 2015: Imperfectly Perfect’s second fundraiser. While working closely with a social worker/interventionist, money was raised to help addicts on their journey to reach sobriety. Four individuals were sent to a month long rehab, while keeping them plus an additional three individuals in aftercare.

August 2015: Imperfectly Perfect begins their collaboration with Northwell Health, specifically Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

September 2015: Baskets for Boomie was created and implemented. This program helps children in Nassau County and Queens by providing them with the tools they need to succeed such as schoolbooks, after school programs, food and clothes.

December 2015: Mrs. Claus for a Cause was created and implemented by working with the Harlem Dowling Center. This program helps children during the holiday season receive their holiday wishes by getting supporters to fulfill their letters to Santa

January 2016: The photoshoot for iP’s THIS Campaign is held within Cohen Children’s Medical Center. This year is a collaboration with the children of the Pediatric Oncology Unit

March 2016: Imperfectly Perfect has their annual fundraiser raising money for the Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Stem Cell Transplant Unit for Cohen Children’s Medical Center. This fundraiser results in 18 Play Station Units being bought for each room within this unit, so each child could be entertained within the comfort of their own room.

August 2016: Imperfectly Perfect becomes a registered trademark, recognized nationally!

December 2016: Imperfectly Perfect collaborates with The Bethany House! A Toy Drive was implemented, which included 12 mothers, 14 children; each child receiving multiple gifts . In addition, lunch & dessert was also donated.

January 2017: Imperfectly Perfect’s 2017 T.H.I.S Campaign to raise awareness for Pediatric Cardiology & Heart Disease at Cohen Children’s Medical Center

March 2017: Imperfectly Perfect’s 2017 Black Tie Gala, where the goal of raising $25,000 to donate to Cohen Children’s Medical Center was reached

April 2017: All of Imperfectly Perfect’s Heart Hero’s come together!

May 2017: Imperfectly Perfect’s photo-op with Cohen Children’s Medical Center for their $25,000 donation, which result in a $25,000 match for a total raised of $50,000