Hado Bear

Hado Bear

$40 - Your donation provides a child with a stuffed Hado Polar Bear, Hado Polar Bear Book and iP Bracelet.

 Hado Bear is a program designed to teach children and parents that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and words affect our energy (Hado) and have the power to transform experiences from negative to positive.

Together with Imperfectly Perfect, Hado Bear will teach children with Congenital Heart Disease how important it is to surround themselves with positivity. Through this program children will learn about energy, the power behind words, visualization, meditation, affirmations and the importance of their own perception.

It is crucial that children with CHD understand that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy heart, and a healthy lifestyle. The tools they will learn will be able to be applied to every aspect of their life, and ultimately allow them to manage life, living with CHD, a little easier.



Purchased directly through imperfectlyperfect.org

Receive a personal thank you from the child you sponsored!

For more information visit www.HadoBear.com & www.SourceOfGuidance.org