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We are always so excited to hear that people support our mission and want to get more involved with Imperfectly Perfect. Please fill out the form below to contact us!

Share Your Journey!

One aspect of Imperfectly Perfect is providing individuals with the platform to inspire by not only meeting other individuals in their situation, but by sharing the story of their journey. Wriing your story will not only help others; but it is a true process of self reflection that we encourage everyone to do! Please click the following link to be directed to more information on how to share your story today!

share your story

Be an IP Advocate

We are always looking for people to get involved & help us spread our mission & vision with the world. We love to tailor the ways our advocates help us, in ways that they enjoy so each person may help differently. Typically this type of volunteer will help us spread the word through engaging with their family & friends and educating them on Imperfectly Perfect and what we stand for as a group. Our advocates help us spread the word through their social media pages, they can host an event for us & help us raise money for the organization. This role is about educating others, and expanding our reach of support through different channels. Each volunteer works very closely with CEO/Founder Jaime Lynn to explore the different avenues of advocacy for the organization!

Be a Recruiter

The role of a recruiter, is very similar to an advocate, however the different lies in the fact that a recruiter has their own story or life altering situation which they feel passionate about and want to find others who are going through the same or similar situation. The purpose of our recruiters is to help build a support system with all individuals who are going through the same situation. Once some people are identified, meetings will be started and different avenues explored to help form the right support system and create a solid foundation for lasting friendships.

Role Specific Involvement

This role is geared towards people who have a specific skill set that they would like to implement while working with Imperfectly Perfect. The goal here is to use their skills, to help grow Imperfectly Perfect and be an asset to the organization. This specific role varies tremendously within IP because we need as many knowledgeable people as possible on our team, collaborating with each other to impact the greater good.

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