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Stress is an inevitable part of life; everyone experiences it. Being born with Congenital Heart Disease is an additional stress, which also needs to be managed appropriately. Now, more than ever before, children who are born with heart disease are not only growing into adolescence but adulthood; and that transition must be honored. To honor this new transformation; Imperfectly Perfect is aligning with programs, people and resources to provide the Congenital Heart Disease Community the tools they need to navigate through the journey of heart disease. Our goal is to not only manage the different stresses which arise from heart disease, but to advocate and educate children on tools that can help them manage their heart disease appropriately.

If these programs are not in place, and the needs for support are not met; heart disease becomes that much more difficult to live with. Stress has the ability to not only affect our physical bodies, but our emotional and psychological selves as well.  According to Nationwide Childrens Hospital, depression and anxiety within the Congenital Heart Disease Community is 2-3x higher than those without heart disease. The result of this and other untreated stress, and not providing children with an outlet for support; is setting them up for failure. Something has to be done; which is where Imperfectly Perfect comes in!

Many times, congenital heart disease goes unnoticed until a trigger occurs such as palpitations, fainting or even a heart attack. Imperfectly Perfect is determined to educate, motivate and help individuals to not only go to a Cardiologist, but to live a heart healthy lifestyle. Everyone has a heart, which means everyone should be educating themselves on the necessary steps it takes to be healthy!