Jaime Lynn, CEO/Founder of Imperfectly Perfect
Jaime Lynn graduated from Touro University with a degree in Biology, and has a certification in Nonprofit Management. Jaime started Imperfectly Perfect in 2011 and has been growing the organization since. Her personal journey with Congenital Heart Disease was the basis of creating Imperfectly Perfect.

Michael Debono, Attorney & Entrepreneur
Michael is an attorney with more than a decade of experience representing clients in business transactions with an emphasis on intellectual properties including patents, copyrights, and trademarks.  Michael has a passion for business and is an entrepreneur at heart. Michael has watched his sister Jaime Lynn (CEO/Founder of Imperfectly Perfect) grow up with heart disease and struggle to live a normal life.  Michael is dedicated to helping others with similar struggles through Imperfectly Perfect and to raising awareness of Congenital Heart Disease and heart health.

Tom Redmond, retired NYC Police Officer
President of the State Of Florida Junior Chamber of Commerce! Tom served as the Chief Legislator Aide to a Brevard County Commissioner. Served on over 30 boards with recognition on the state & national level. Is a true believer in bringing people together to help those through difficult situations in life.

Gina Mazzola, Entrepreneur
Gina Mazzola is the Owner and Operator of O Sole Mio Restaurant in Stony Brook, NY. Previously, she was a planning editor for News 12 LI and Traffic Reporter for Metro Traffic and Weather. Gina was diagnosed in 2004 with Apical Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and underwent heart surgery in 2016. This experience has brought a strong sense of devotion to bringing awareness of heart disease and heart health through Imperfectly Perfect.

Bob Steinman, Wealth Advisor & CEO/Founder of the Steinman Group
Bob has been in the financial world for over 40 years. In 1990 he formed the Steinman Group to better cater to the needs of his clients. Bob loves helping people in addition to providing his knowledge and experience to those who he can positively impact, and because of this he holds a position on multiple Nonprofit boards.

Chris Asaro, President of Holt Construction
With 23 years’ experience, Chris worked his way up the ladder to his current position of President of Holt Construction; one of the largest construction companies in the North East. Chris understands the necessity to give back, and helping others in need.

Ravel Mejia, General Manager of Millennium Honda
Graduated from John Jay with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Ravel joined the auto business in 2001 and since then has been promoted to General Manager of Millennium Honda in 2012. Ravel has been an active supporter of Imperfectly Perfect due to his passion for helping people and making a difference in the world. Ravel engages multiple dealerships throughout Long Island to raise support for Imperfectly Perfect and spread their mission

Rob Quadrino, Entrepreneur & COO of Lexicon
With over 20 years experience, Rob’s knowledge is based in the business development and corporate operations arena. Rob has succeeding in achieving growth for every company he is involved in, and looks forward to bringing his expertise to Imperfectly Perfect.